The Count of Monte Cristo

How does the author build suspense, and what are some examples? I need some page numbers!!

for a project

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"Go and Attend to Madame de Villefort, she is not well," he said to the nurse. "But Mademoiselle de Villefort?" stammered the nurse. " Mademoisellle de Villefort has no further need of help: she is dead!" (Page 503)

the suspense of possible death;

"He kicked out vigorously and rose unhampered to the surfaces, while the cannon ball dragged tot he unknown depths the sacking which had so nearly become his shroud." (page 112)

The author uses extensive foreshadowing to keep the reader engaged and connected to the story. Suspense is built through use of dialogue and often through smoke and mirrors (as in the case of Madame de Villefort).