The Count of Monte Cristo

How do the following feel about valentines impending marriage to frank: valentine, her father, Mme. De Villefort, Noirtier?

Chapters 38-42.

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Valentine doesn't love him; she love Morrel.

"This chapter presents Valentine's marriage dilemma. Her father still is trying to loose his ties to the Bonapartists. He thus wishes to marry her to the son of a staunch royalist. Valentine, however, is closer to her Bonapartist grandfather. Noirtier will reveal his biggest secret to save her from the arms of a man she does not love. This chapter also presents Valentine's stepmother as a greedy mother who only seeks funds for her son. This woman's monetary greed foreshadows the tragedies that will strike the Villefort household. She is in fact a mirror image of Villefort, who was willing to sacrifice human life for is own gain."