The Count of Monte Cristo

did Alexander Dumas think vengeance is wrong

Im not sure if he thinks it is wrong or right but about the whole book is about vengeance but thin there are clues to where he thinks it is wrong help please

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Revenge is the running theme in this story. Revenge drives the characters and the plot forward. Dumas, however, leaves the satisfaction of revenge up to the reader. Even though Dentes achieves what he set out to do, there is a sense of emptiness in him. Like Dumas, the reader might ask if all the carnage and collateral damage that goes with revenge is worth it? Perhaps, in the end, Abbe Faria said it best,

I regret having helped you in your investigation and said what I did to you," he remarked.

"Why is that?" Dantès asked.

"Because I have insinuated a feeling into your heart that was not previously there: the desire for revenge.