The Count of Monte Cristo


Who is Dantes 

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Edmond Dantes/Abbe Busoni/Count of Monte Cristo

Dantes, the naïve sailor from Marseilles, is imprisoned as a political criminal in the Chateau D'If. Those he trusted imprison him. He remains in prison for fourteen years. He no longer is the same man once he breaks free, the lion of vengeance has grown in his soul. Revenge is reason for living now. Dantes assumes the role of the Italian priest, Abbe Busoni as well as the role of the Count of Monte Cristo to avenge the wrongs committed against the hopeful nineteen year old sailor he once was. The knowledge and fortune that Abbe Faria imparted to him allows him to accomplish this goal. He truly believes that he has the right to act as divine justice by punishing the sins of his enemies. They must suffer slowly. In the end, the death of Villefort's young son causes Monte Cristo to question his God-like role. He reaffirms the justification for his deeds when he visits the Chateau D'If and asks to see his former cell.