The Condition of the Working Class in England

What is engels view of the urban life of the poor?

Friedrich Engels

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Here is a quote from the text that explains this:

The manner in which the great multitude of the poor is treated by society to-day is revolting. They are drawn into the large cities where they breathe a poorer atmosphere than in the coun­try; they are relegated to districts which, by rea­son of the method of construction, are worse ventilated than any others; they are deprived of all means of cleanliness, of water itself, since pipes are laid only when paid for, and the rivers so polluted that they are useless for such purpos­es, they are obliged to throw all offal and garbage, all dirty water, often all disgusting drainage and excrement into the streets, being without other means of disposing of them; they are thus compelled to infect the region of their own dwellings. Nor is this enough. All conceiv­able evils are heaped upon the heads of the poor.


The Condition of the Working Class in England