The Color Purple


I am doing a paired text study for year 11 where we are required to choose two suitable texts (film or novel) and compare and contrast the two. You can link them using themes, characters, settings, the author's ideas ect. and I have chosen the novel "The Color Purple" for one of them and I need a FILM that I can compare and contrast it with? It has to be a good quality film if you know what I mean - As in deep and something that can really be talked about. Please Help.

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I am Rooh Ul Amin from Pakistan. I want to work on Alice Walker's The Color Purple in my M.Phil thesis. Would suggest any directions regarding my studies on the said novel. Would you please guide me in this connection.


Actually, I want to know about the suggested topics on The Color Purple which can be studied from research point of view, leading to M.Phil thesis in American Literature.