The Color Purple

In "The Color Purple" why has Celie re-baptized Columbus boats the neater, the Peter , and the Santomareater?

In The Color Purple " written by Alice Walker, the main character Celie compares the phonetic sound 'Columbus' with that of 'cucumber': I cannot see the likeliness of sound. Is there a relationship between Columbus boats and the cucumber comparison?

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"The way you know who discover America, Nettie say, is think bout cucumbers. That what Columbus sound like. I learned all about Columbus in first grade, but look like he the first thing I forgot. She say Columbus come here in boats call the Neater, the Peter, and the Santomareater. Indians so nice to him he force a bunch of 'em back home with him to wait on the queen."

No, this is Nettie's way of specking. For her, the two words have nothing in common except the way they roll off of her tongue, and the way they sound in her head. We all hear something different at different times. Look at the way she pronounces the names of the ships! :-D


The Color Purple/ Chapter 1

Sorry, her way of 'speaking.' I guess it's time to turn on a light!

i totally agree Jill. it is the way it rolls off of her tongue and the way it sounds in her head..the correct word and and the incorrect word have nothing in common..also Ms Walker (writer) wrote her dialogue with more emphasis on being phonetically correct than the actual meaning og the words...eye luv itt!! and yes jill, it is time to turn on the light (SPECKING VS. SPEAKING)..LOL

I think it's Netty's teaching skill by relating columbus with familiar word cucumber to make it easy for celie to remember it...