The Color Purple

Explain how the Olinka men bully the women, how the white man (Europeans) bully the Olinka (all Africans),

Relate how these instances relate to the rich bullying the poor, the big bullying the small, the strong bullying the weak. (pages 163-171) What is Alice Walker try to say to us here?

Entries 61-68.

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There is a circle of oppression here. The Olinka men relegate their women to property status. They are afforded no rights. The greatest accomplishment for a woman is becoming one of the chief's many wives and bearing a lot of male children. Other women are treated badly depending on who they marry and how their man's status reflects on them. Similarly, The Europeans treat the Olinka as property. The ones they can "use" are treated better but only at the expense of the others. The Olinka have no rights in the eyes of the white Europeans. Walker is trying to say there is abuse is not strictly a part of white culture.