The Color of Water

How does extended family treat Ruth/

Chapter 13 "new york"

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Mameh, aware that Ruth was pregnant, sent her to New York to stay with her well-to-do family: "my mother's family, they didn't say a lot to you. They would always take care of you in a basic way but they never said a lot to you. I didn't feel loved by them." Ruth got preagnant. Ruth told her about the pregnancy, and Aunt Betsy located a Jewish doctor who agreed to perform the abortion (without anesthesia). After the procedure Ruth felt very ashamed, and apologized profusely to her aunt. Years later, Aunt Betsy slammed the door in Ruth's face, but Ruth never faulted her: "They were all trying hard to be American, you know, not knowing what to keep and what to leave behind."


They treated her kindly, but not in the way they treated their own daughters. Aunt Betsy did prove herself loyal when she helped her with the issue of her pregnancy; she never told a soul their secret.......... Ruth was always grateful to her for that.


The Color of Water/ Chapter 13