The Circle

The Campus ?


I´m searching information about "The Campus" yet I can not find anything about it here.

btw I read the book 4 months ago and got a presentation on the campus just now...

I have a bunch of exam´s in the upcomming weeks so I have no time to read the book again,

I would appreciate if you guys could give me any information or a certain website where I can read about it.

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Sorry, I have never heard of this book. I also searched for it but could not find it.

I just finished the book and I do know a few things about the campus.

All the buildings are named after era's/historical periods, for example the Old West. They have done this because the circle wants to be a part of history.

At the campus, every building has glass walls because everything has to be transparant, secrets are lies.

There is one secret room with a fireman's pole going into a black hole, this probably refers to the circle not knowing where it's going, only thet it's a black hole.

That's all I know, I hope you find it useful.