The Chrysanthemums

The Chrysanthemums by John Steinbeck

over the course of Elisa interaction with the stranger how do her feeling and action towards him change

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Over the course of the conversation, Elisa warms to the stranger. She is attracted to him because he shows interest in something she loves. In return, he gets a few odd jobs around her home and a pot of Chrysanthemums. Note, Elisa's attraction comes from what she believes is a connection. He has discovered her passion.... and thus, she is attracted. When she later sees her pot of flowers in the road, she not only realizes that she's been duped, she also realizes that the connection she felt wasn't really there at all. The stranger gave her what he wanted..... and he got what he wanted..... the opportunity to make some money. Elisa feels foolish and betrayed, hence, the tears.


The Chrysanthemums