The Chrysalids

The Chrysalids chapter 1

In Chapter 1, David is an idealistic ten-year-old boy, but he is also too innocent to understand the adult world around him. In a well-developed S.E.E. (state, example, explain) paragraph, prove this statement.

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David is too young in chapter one to understand the oppressive dystopia that he lives in. David is "normal" and born into a family of privilege and power. He accepts the dogma of the community because he does not know any differently. The only thing that confuses him is his reoccurring dreams of the "old people". It is not until the age of ten years old when David meets Sophie and his world is changed forever. Sophie is a kind inquisitive girl but she is also a mutant. Her deviation is only an extra toe but it forces David to question and challenge everything his father and the community stands for.