The Chrysalids

Examples of ignorance in the Chrysalids

- example of ignorance in the book then have an explanation (i need 3 examples)

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I think the whole theme of rejecting anything not seen as "normal" was an example of ignorance.

So many of the characters are unable to accept each other’s views and beliefs. For example, Joseph Strorm would destroy all sorts of "deviants" because he feels they are demons not created by God—he is even willing to turn against his own children. Also, the Sealand lady, despite being a lot more respectable than Joseph, looks down on people who are not telepaths. She Others them by labeling them as "inferior." Lastly, the Fringes believe the Waknuk people are arrogant, and are intolerant of anybody who is "normal." Every group in the Chrysalids has reasoning about why they are better than another group, thereby creating intolerance and their own definition of otherness.