The Chrysalids

A comparison to older Sophie and younger Sophie

On pages 165 to 178, we meet sophie again. In a well-developed developed S.E.E (State, Example, Explain) paragraph, contrast the young woman we meet here to the one we met in early chapters.

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When we first meet Sophie, she is untrusting, goes out of her way to fit in with the rest of the community, and secretive. After her deformity is exposed, Sophie and her family are isolated and attempt to run away from the reprisals and persecution her "differences" will reap upon them. The live on the fringes, where Sophie sheds her desire to conform and lives as she pleases. The cross she wore is abandoned, her shoes are replaced by moccassins, and her clothing is tattered.... she's free and unkempt. Unfortunately, Sophie also emanates a feeling of hopelessness. David was a true friend, and she was thankful, but all in all, her suffering trumps all else. Sophie explains to David that... "To be any kind of deviant is to be hurt - always....", explicating the suffering, the imposed act of sterilization.... her inability to have children of her own. In the end, we see a woman... a woman who's had her life stolen away, and a woman who will not stop at murder to save others from her own fate. She's determined.....


The Chrysalids