The Chosen

What events happened at the Saunderses' place on Sabbath afternoon?

Reuven is going to Danny Saunder's synagogue to meet Danny's father. It is the Sabbath day

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Did you mean in chapter 12?

in chapter 7

I don't think anything really earth shattering takes place. Reuven and his father wake up early on Shabbat morning and walk to synagogue together. They return home, eat lunch, and then Reuven falls asleep thinking about the colors of Billy’s and Danny’s eyes. Danny suggests they walk over to his shul so that Reuven can meet Reb Saunders. They discuss each others families. Both discover that they have much in common. Danny also explains that his father is a great man who saved the members of his community from persecution by bringing them to America after World War I, a journey made in the face of great adversity. He also explains that Reb Saunders’ older brother vanished, so Reb Saunders inherited his father’s position. Danny notes that because his father is a tzaddik, considered a bridge between his followers and God, his congregation will follow him anywhere.


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