The Chosen

The Chosen by: Chaim Potok

1. why does Danny hide from his father the fact that he is reading philosophy and fiction?

2. why does Reuven change his mind about listening to danny?

3. why do you think Reuven's fatheer wants him to make a friend of Danny?

4.Identify at least three facts or events that convey the Theme Of Communication.

5. what are some of the details in book one that help to characterize David Malter as a kind and sensitive person? what details sugest the state of his health?

6. a motiff is a waord, character, object, image, metaphor, or idea that recurs in a work. Trace the development of the motiff of blindness in book one.

7. what is the importantce to the plot of setting the novel during world war II?

8. according to David Malter, why did the cossacks and polish peasants revolt against the Jews?

9. who was Ba'al Shem Tov?

10. what is the name of the collection of books on jewish mysticism?

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1) The psychological mindset is far too modern and contradicts the religious perspective favored by Reb Saunders. Sigmund Freud thus, in this novel, symbolizes highly modern and highly secular values akin to those atheistic attitudes espoused by Darwin. The teachings in these books are in complete conflict with Hasidism.

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The Chosen