The Chosen

how long has he been unable to read and wright?

chap 9-11

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Who are you referring to by "he"?


I'm didn't know he could not. I don't have my book here but I'll try to check tomorrow.

Not being able to read or write doesn't pertain to Danny; Reuve couldn't read or write for a few weeks after his surgery, but that was temporary. The only character in the story who couldn't read or write was Billy. He shared a room with Reuven in the hospital, but his surgery was not successful. Reuven was deeply affected by Billy's condition............ he had learned about pain because he'd loss sight in one of his eyes, but he didn't truly learn about suffereing until he came to the realization that Billy had never seen the world, his mom and dad, or been able to read a book. Billy taught Reuven about suffering...... suffering gracefully and being thankful.


The Chosen

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