The Chosen

How did Chaim Potok tie in the motif of war in chapter 1?? PLZ help

the chosen!

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The Chosen also depends on historical knowledge relating to the end of the second world war and the establishment of Israel. The Zionist movement began in the late nineteenth century in Europe, with its goal the creation of the state of Israel in the area then known as Palestine. The Zionist movement had some support throughout the beginning of the twentieth century, most prominently by Britain through the Balfour Declaration, but it was only after the end of World War II when the establishment of a Jewish secular state became a realistic possibility. During the war, a Zionist conference held at the Biltmore Hotel in New York called for unrestricted Jewish immigration into Palestine and the ultimate establishment of the area as a Jewish commonwealth. After the war, President Truman made public his support for Zionism, and the British (who were the main supporters of Zionism) referred the issue to the United Nations, which urged partition of Palestine and the establishment of Israel.