The Chosen

how dfo danny reuven usually spend shabbat afternoons?

chap 9-11

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During the first month of summer, Reuven and Danny spend almost every day together. In the mornings, they study Talmud with their fathers—although Reuven spends three days a week playing ball instead of studying. In the afternoons, they read together in the public library. David Malter frequently joins them, quietly researching for an article he is writing. On Saturdays, Reuven and Danny discuss Talmud with Reb Saunders, but Danny’s father does not ask Reuven any more questions about Danny’s extracurricular activities. Danny and Reuven spend most evenings together, walking and talking, although occasionally Reuven goes to movies with his other friends, an activity from which Danny is prohibited. Reuven and his father devotedly follow the progress of the war in the newspapers, and Danny begins reading Freud in German.