The Chosen

How are Reb Saunders's and David Malter's views of Jewish responsibility the same and different?

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Both are fathers and religious scholars yet their parenting methods and view on Judaism are quite different. David Malter is an Orthodox Jew but he is also a teacher, scholar, writer, and humanitarian. Mr. Malter raises his son, Reuven, to to be well rounded. Unlike Reb, David encourages his son to study different ideas and see what various religions and beliefs offer the world. They often discuss and debate ideas.

Reb Saunders is also an Orthodox Jew but he is a fundamentalist zealot. He is the patriarch of the family who spends his time in prayer and doling out strict Jewish doctrine to his son. Reb isn't a bad guy but he raises his son in pious silence (he doesn't talk to his own kid except about the Talmud)) to teach compassion. I'm not sure how that works. He discourages secular ideas and turned his home into a centre for prayer.