The Chocolate War

what does jerry think about ellen barrett after talking to her on the phone

what does jerry think about ellen after he talks to her

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Jerry is nervous about calling Ellen Barrett. He's been eyeing her at the bus stop and gets up the nerve to call her. Jerry can't communicate what he's trying to tell her. Jerry likes her but is unable to express his feelings. She thinks it's a prank call. Jerry feels that Ellen, like most girls in his school, is beyond his reach. Jerry was hoping she was different, less self absorbed. THe phone call was an utter failure though.

Jerry is very naive when it comes to girls, he hasn't really figured them out yet and has decidedly built up a fantasy (girls are pure and angelic; they don't say naughty words. After seeing Ellen he's definitely attracted, but he's too shy to introduce himself. So after catching her name on a book, he goes home and looks her up in the phonebook.

When he finally calls her, she can't figure out what he's talking about. Actually, she believes him to be someone else playing a prank on her. By the time they hand up, the fantasy is lost and Ellen has become nothing more than a regular kid. So, I guess you could say he thinks she's ordinary.


The Chocolate War