The Chocolate War

how do the vigils get the chocolates sales up

the vigils  

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Chapter twenty-nine opens with Brian Cochran being rewarded by the rising totals in the chocolate sales. Carter comes in with money from the sale of seventy-five boxes, a fact that surprises Cochran. The president of The Vigils would not usually stoop to such an errand, or concern himself directly with the chocolate sale. Carter checks the roster, and instructs Cochran to credit certain boys with various amounts of boxes, until the seventy-five boxes are all accounted for. Brian knows that these totals are false, and that the boys being credited are not the ones who actually made the sales. However, he likes the accolades Carter is giving him, and therefore has no problem falsifying the credits. The boys, it seems, are selling the chocolates in teams, and Carter is making sure that the boys he has chosen are given the credit for the sales.