The Cherry Orchard

what is naturlism ,origin, theory ?how can we applied these terms in the cherry orchard?

terms of naturalism

defination , what is naturalistic theater etc

or why we called it a naturalistic play?

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The Cherry Orchard represents naturalism in its finest sense. It depicts the reality and inevitability of what happens when we fail to make correct choices. Naturalism as a medium often presents characters suffering from certain deficiencies and depicts how those deficiencies will in turn effect their fate. Firs is a perfect example of this; he didn't change with the times, thus time left him behind (literally).

The most defined naturalist aspect of "The Cherry Orchard" apprears when it comes time to cut the tree down. Nothing is cherished; plans are made without consideration. The beauty the scene has long inspired and the memories the place has created no longer matter. The orchard simply beomes something sacrificed to progress.