The Cherry Orchard

Orchard Water

We recently had our water tested because we moved to a new home. Beautiful, our dream home actually. Our property joins acres of cherry trees in an orchard, the blossoms are so lovely in the spring. Anyway the water test came back from and had higher than legal levels of chemicals in the water. So high that we were advised against drinking or really using it for anything other than washing. Turns out this isn't that uncommon because of all the pesticides that are put on the trees. Its a shame that we put so many horrible things into our drinking water.

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This concern would actually be most in line with Dr. Astrov of Chekov's Uncle Vanya. Though by trade a country doctor, he is concerned with preservation of the forests and thinks mankind a bane to nature. The characters in the Cherry Orchard can't wait to tear it down (either that or they take it for granted, which helps facilitate its destruction), whereas Astrov would talk your ear off about the bad things we do to our water.