The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Where there is a eill there is a way?

Illustrate basing the caucasian chalk circle

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You're so stupid Morell.


and a coward too

Natella has the will to carry her dresses with her and flee to safety and so she is able to as we are able to refer to this saying it simply means if you have the will to do something it will prosper....then again we see she does not have the will to carry michael as all that is in her head are the dresses We are able to see that Grusha has the will to carry Michael as she has a motherly nature in her and she also has the will to save the baby from the ironshirts .....she does all she can to save the baby ,she buys the baby expensive milk,takes a risk to cross the bridge,hits a ironshirt and suffer rejection from her brother because she has a child and isnt married.....and after all that she goes to court and fights for her baby and there we see that where there is a will there is a way