The Caucasian Chalk Circle

what are stylistic devices present in the caucasian chalk circle?

kindly include both the technical and structural devices with clear illustrations.Thank you. Ali Hussein

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The play itself is unusual for Brecht because it has a relatively happy ending; everything works out for Grusha. At the same time, The Caucasian Chalk Circle is clearly a Communist play: whoever can make the best use of resources in order to provide for others deserves to get those resources. Implicit in this Communist moral is also a secularized version of the Biblical Christ story. With typical anti-religious fervor, Brecht parallels Christ's story through the life of the drunken judge Azdak. Furthermore, The Chalk Circle is itself a version of Solomonic Law, based on the Biblical story of Solomon and the baby. When two women came to Solomon, both of them claiming the same child, he ordered the child cut in half. The true mother chose to instead give the entire baby to the other woman, thereby revealing to Solomon that she was in fact the mother.


There is the use of foreshadow..for example the play of the children where michael refuses to play part of the governor and choses to "cut off" the fat boy's head instead foreshadows the death of the fat prince after the return of Grand duke

humour has been well used...


play within a play...