The Caucasian Chalk Circle

seven sacrifices that grusha makes for the child


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Here are five sacrifices..... 

Grusha flees her home to keep the child (Michael) safe.

She out herself in danger to go back and get Michael after leaving him with the peasant woman. 

She crosses the ravine with Michael at her own peril to escape the ironshirts. 

Grusha marries someone she doesn't love to legitimize Michael.

She faces a kidnapping charge.


1. Grusha hits a corporal with a log ..

2. Grusha gets to marry Jussup and we all know she doesnt love him

3. Grusha crosses the broken bridge with Michael.

4. She uses her weekly salary(2 piasters) to buy milk for Michael

5. She flees the city in order to protect Michael.

6.When she is told to choose between Simon and Michael by the ironshirts she picks Michael..

7. She lies to Aniko her in law about the child 


The Caucasian Chalk circle