The Caucasian Chalk Circle

In a society,fighting and war far reaching consequences using bertolt Brecht's play write an essay to support this statement


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Wars that go widespread ,have devastating effects,mostly on commoners in a society. The impacts felt are barely positive,as they mostly surpress people.A war happening in a far away area does not only affect that specific area only,but also in other area as well,since people interact.similarly, in this Caucasian Chalk Circle, we see how the war in Persia affectsthe people in Grusinia.

Exploitation of the commoners is a result of fighting and wars that spreadwidely.Guests at Grusha's wedding complain that the taxes would go up because they'll have to pay for the war.Therefore, the citizens suffer as they wll have to struggle to meet their own ends and pay the high taxes too.

Fighting and war far reaching consequences includes the encouragement of cruelty and inhumanity into the hearts of the affected. The old milkman sells a small ammount of milk to Grusha at two piasters ,a week's pay of a kitchen maid, even though he sees the hunger of the baby, he even slams the door at her face.According to the old milkman, the goats had been captured by the sldiers due to th war.


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Goat herders forced to move by the war only to return and find their land claimed by the fruit growers