The Caucasian Chalk Circle

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im studying the Caucasian Chalk Circle for AS level and i can't get my head around three of my questions 1. Form and Structure of the play. 2. visual spatial and aural aspects of the play. 3. Contextualising the play. if anyones got any good materials for this please direct me to a site or something.



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The gradesaver study guide on caucasian chalk circle has a really good analysis in the about section to help you with the third question, context for the play.

I once saw it performed in a round circle stage, where they had to deal with a 360 degree audience. This directed the action into the audience in a much stronger way, probably in a way that Brecht would have approved of.

im praveen working on brecht's caucasian chalk circle, im not able to contectualise the drama, so please i need somebody's help.........

Praveen, what type of contextualization are you trying to do on Caucasian Chalk Circle? Can you be more specific about what you need to answer or analyze in the text?

You may find some useful information at, where you can download an education resource pack about The Caucasian Chalk Circle.