The Caucasian Chalk Circle

everyone in the society gets what they deserve, whether good or bad

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Sorry, I can't write an essay for you on this short answer forum space.

natella abashwili was not able to get her son back so her son michael abashwili had all the properties and natella lost it all

michael abashwili was able to gain all the love he required not from her biological mother but from the one who raised him....grusha vashnadze.

from all the treatment george abashwili did to people of grusinia,he later died and his head was hanged in his house.


caucasian chalk circle

Michael was handed over to Grusha because she was motherly and deserve to take care of him

Azdak was made to be a judge because he had the ability and deserve to lead he defeat the nephew in the rehearsal

Natella fail to get the right to inherit the estate because she did was more interested in material things


caucasian chalk circle