The Catcher in the Rye

what is the significance of each character?

Explain the significance of the following people: Phoebe, Jane Gallagher, Holden’s

parents, Allie, Mr. Antolini, James Castle?

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Phoebe is significant because Holden loves her..... she is the one person who loves him unconditionally and isn't afraid to share what she thinks.... she is completely honest with her brother, even when it hurts.

Jane is significant because Holden respects her, and although we never meet her, she is proof that of his ability to bestow respect where he believes it's warranted.

Allie symbolizes Holden's capacity to love.... he is significant because Holden feels his loss so deeply.

Holden respects Mr. Antolini and looks to him for advice.

James Castle's death haunts Holden....

Holden's parents are wealthy and not very "hands on." He describes them as nice but touchy.


Catcher in the Rye