The Catcher in the Rye


How many roommates has Holden had? What are they like? How does he get along with them? What do all these roommates reveal about Holden's character?

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Each time Holden tells a story about his various roomates over the years he makes a social statement, revealing insight into the slightly more deep-thinking regions of Holden.

For example, Holden tells about a past roomate who had suitcases of lesser qulaity than his own. Holden mentions that talking to someone about how they have low-end suitcases ruins a conversation.

Obviously this goes a bit deeper than luggage. Holden relizes that people have various social classes and talking about people's wealth or standing is innapropriate.

A rare moment of maturity in the life of Holden C.

Holden also seems to go through a LOT of roommates... Although he finds fault with many of them.. HE is the one who is always moving on. What do you think Holden's roommates say about HIM in retrospect? "Phony..." ha!

I compleatly agree.

I think the people whom Holden considers "Phony" are really just everyday people. I think Holden himself is a bit Phony sometimes. He tries too hard to be average and thinks beeing good enough to do fancy piano licks is a bad thing.

I would say Holden wants everyone else to think like him.

Holden is trying to make everyone in the world think like he does.

Well said! Isn't it ironic that Holden wants to be "average," when "average" people are so phony to him? And that he wants people to like him, but has this deep disdain for them? Insecure!

Then, your comment about making everyone think like he does... issues with CONTROL? Because he couldn't control Allie's death?