The Catcher in the Rye


Would anyone happen to know of some items that Holden received in the book that were sentimental to him? I need more items for a project I am doing and cant find answers ANYWHERE!

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umm i dunno much about sentimental items...i suppose jsut most of the recurring motifs..altho im not sure if holden has anything that is really sentimental to him..i dont think he's emotional in that sense..the only thing he really has a profound attachment to is his little sister.

sorry if im not much help on that.... but maybe u can help me out a little; do u have any ideas on how

Holden was very attached to his brother, Allie's, baseball glove with the poems written on it.

the hat he had wasn't sentimental, but it might count for something...

The records that Holden bought for Phoebe were sentimental because even when he broke it he picked up the pieces.

This is probably REALLY late for you but maybe this will help out someone who has the same problem.