The Catcher in the Rye

Innocence of loved ones

I need a third example of how Holden tries to preserve the innocence of his loved ones I have Phoebe and Jane but I can't think of a third, and if you can help, how does he save their innocence?????? PLEASE HELP ASAP!! thank you so much!!!!

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Holden tries to preserve the innocence of his brother Allie. Holden carries with him and treasures Allie's baseball mitt on which Allie wrote poetry. The glove is a symbol of Allie's childhood and perhaps even lack of "killer instinct" and comepetitiveness, as he apparently preferred to read the poetry on his glove than focus on the competition. Additionally, by erasing all the "F" words he saw at Pheobe's school, he explains that he wants the children to stay innocent and unaware of such lewdness and hostility in the world as long as they possibly can.