The Catcher in the Rye

How is Holden's view on the materialistic world conflicting?

I thought that maybe Holden can't accept those who have values that he considers phony, but yet he cares about those materialistic values internally. Quotes and evidence would be appreciated.

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Yes, Holden spends a great deal of time criticizing the materialism of others yet he seems to like what money can give him. Holden is taken care of quite well by his father. THe ideas he formulates are done in the high priced prep school of Percy. Holden spends the money he has in two days. While criticizing his brother for "prostituting" his writing in Hollywood, Holden seems content to spend father's money on his own prostitute. I think Holden was definitely on to something with his comments about societal "phoniness" but Holden lacks a certain maturity to fully understand what he believes in.