The Catcher in the Rye

how does holden use the word phony ?

define the word phony. write about the way holden uses the word, do you agree with him? why or why not?

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Holden likes the word phoney. It enables him to navigate his world. Holden operates that as long as people are "phoney", he has justification to dismiss the world in which he lives. As a result everything becomes ironic. The idea that others operate on deception and he alone sees the truth really becomes his identity; all the while Holden isolates himself from anyone and anything that might help him become a functional person. Holden certainly has a point. People are often deceptive or "phoney" Unfortunately Holden fails to understand that the masks people wear, that he considers phoney, are really help people function in a world with strict social expectations. Holden is just as "phoney" as the rest of us.

write about the way holden uses the word