The Catcher in the Rye

Holden and Phoebe - Chapter 25

Explore Holden and Phoebe's exchange in their final scene together at Central Park What agreement if any, seem to come between them

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I think they agree that Holden can't take Phoebe with him. Phoebe shows up with Holden's old suitcase. She tells him that she wants to come with him. She pleads ceaselessly, but Holden refuses and causes her to start crying. She throws the red hunting hat back at Holden and starts to walk away. She follows Holden to the zoo, but refuses to talk to him or get near him. He buys Phoebe a ticket for the carousel there, and watches her go around on it as "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" plays. Afterwards, she takes back the red hunting hat and goes back on the carousel. As it starts to rain, Holden cries while watching Phoebe.