The Catcher in the Rye

help on how mr antolini affects holden

i have to write an essay on how holden relates to the adults in his life and how this shapes his view on adulthood.

iv done 8 paragraphs .but the teacher doesn't like paragraph 6 which is about his previous teacher Mr Antolini. iv wrote how Mr antolini understands holden and isn't phony and how he doesn't mind holden being drunk and smoking and how Mr antolini is Holden's last hope of finding a positive adult in his life . Mr antolini does give holden advice as a friend not as a teacher.

- - my teacher thinks thats all right but the part he wants me to expand is this part-

although Mr antolini does freak holden out a bit as he sits and pats holden head while holden sleeps.

iv wrote how this scares holden and Mr antolini has broken Holden's last hope of finding a positive adult role model in his life . my teacher also finds that part alright its just the part above he wants me to make better and I'm really stuck. i have my English nab on this tomorrow and i need help.


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The part you are missing out wil be that when Holden in counters mr Antolini making a querried pass at him Holden confesses to the reader that he has experienced things like this before. I can't really remember the quote but it is something like

''People always seem to be doing pervy things when i'm around''

I you expand of this more then it may be what your teacher is hinting at.