The Catcher in the Rye

Find examples of Holden being disgusted with or annoyed by people who are around him at the bars and while at the play with sally. In what way is Holden contradicting himself when ridicules what they say?

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Holden asks her if she ever gets fed up. He tells her that he hates everything: taxicabs, living in New York, phony guys who call the Lunts angels. Holden meets Carl Luce at the Wicker Bar. Carl Luce used to gossip about people who were "flits" (homosexuals) and would tell which actors were actually gay. Holden claims that Carl was a bit "flitty" himself. When Carl arrives, he asks Holden when he is going to grow up, and is not amused by Holden's jokes. In the restroom of the Wicker Bar, Holden talks to the "flitty-looking" guy, asking if he will see the "Valencia babe" who performs there, but he tells Holden to go home. Holden ridicules the shortcomings of individuals that he feels in himself.