The Catcher in the Rye

discussion on the chapter 11-20

Can any one give me 4 question and answers onimpotant aspects on this chapters with the example from the text?

(if its related to non-conformity it would be perfect!)

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Chaps 10-12 - Question: How do we know that Holden is not concerned with himself, but is instead is worried about other people? Holden thinks he is a non-conformist, but the truth is he really does not consider what he is or is not. He thinks of everyone else: Phoebe, Jane, the people around him. He cannot bear to see who he is.

Ch 13-15 - Question: What does Holden do in these chapters that would seem unusual for a student Holden's age? He secures a prostitute, smokes, drinks, and ultimately registers himself to stay in a hotel even though he is under age.

Ch. 16-17 - Question: What evidence do we have that Holden does not live in the "real world?" Holden's date with Sally is a complete disaster. If we could see the way he acts - often screaming and yelling - we would understand that he has no ability to interact with normal people. Once the date is over, he spend the rest of these chapters thining about a kind of idealized past.

Chs. 18-20 - Where does Holden determine to go after these chapters? Holden, although he is truly delusional about many things, decides that he must see his sister Phoebe, who is, in his mind, one of the few innocent people in the world with whom he is familiar.