The Catcher in the Rye

Chapter 14?

1) gather specific details of Holden and Maurice's argument and physical altercation.

2) use your text to review chapter 6 and list the events of Holden's confrontation with Stradlater.

3) summarize the similarities between Holden's two fights.

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Maurice and Sunny the hooker knock on the door, demanding more money. Holden argues with Maurice and threatens to call the cops, but Maurice says that his parents would find out that he spent the night with a whore. As Holden starts to cry, Sunny takes the money from his wallet. Maurice punches him in the stomach before leaving. After Maurice is gone, Holden imagines that he had taken a bullet and would shoot Maurice in the stomach. Holden feels like committing suicide by jumping out the window, but he wouldn't want people looking at his gory body on the sidewalk.