The Catcher in the Rye


I really want people to read this book several times in there life. I read it once quite a few years back and I picked it up again randomly and decided to give it another shot.

The first time i read it I though Holden was so outright and honest and I loved him for it. He was so refreshing in my eyes, to see everything wrong and pin point it. I thought he was great.

The second time around the character was nothing like how I remebered. I saw a disturbed injured adoslescent going through these changes. At times I wanted him to just get over some of these "fits" he would have. His life is sad and at the end of the book he is doomed to continue the same avenue becuase he has not come to a revelation nor has he matured.

What do you think? Which Holden do you see?

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I feel that the storyline is all made up in the mind of a crazy, in a nut ward.

the red hat I feel symbolizes electric shock treatment , and when he doesn't have the hat he gets dizzy and sick to his stomach. The fights that he gets into like the deal with the hooker and his roommate are in reality, him battling staff in the mental ward. all he wants to do is leave town is really him trying to leave the asylum