The Catcher in the Rye

At some point in the book, is it mentioned that DB carried a portable typewriter?

For a literary analysis paper, I'm drawing Salinger's life into the lives of the characters of Catcher In the Rye. At some point in my research, I came across an article that referenced DB carrying a portable typewriter, but have since lost the article (I didn't think it was important). Turns out that Salinger carried a portable typewriter with him throughout the war, and this could be a a key part of the tie-in. Anything helps!

Also, fun fact of the day: Salinger actually wrote the first 6 chapters of CITR before his first day of combat, which was D-Day at Normandy. He carried the chapters with him, and then wrote chapter 7 at the first chance. That's why chapter 6 is all about the buildup to a fight, then chapter 7 is Holden getting depressed, asking for help and recieving none, and bleeding everywhere. The more ya know!

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This is information I did ot know. Thanks for sharing this!