The Caretaker

How is The Caretaker an absurd play?

absurdity in caretaker

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The Caretaker carefully mixes Realism with the Theatre of the Absurd. The Theatre of the Absurd uses language in a way that makes the audience acutely aware of the language itself; example repetition. The Caretaker has been compared to Waiting for Godot (another absurdist play) due to its lack of plot and action.

Ronald Knowles explains the fluidity of the characters as follows: "Language, character, and being are here aspects of each other made manifest in speech and silence. Character is no longer the clearly perceived entity underlying clarity of articulation the objectification of a social and moral entelechy but something amorphous and contingent (41).


there is miscommunication between the characters

Although the play,The Caretaker has blended the elements of absurd plays and realistic elements, it is different from other absurd plays like 'Waiting for Godot' and 'The Birthday Party' in the strict sense of the genre.The setting of the play sharply differs from an absurd play as the setting in The Caretaker is realistic.on the other hand the setting of is bleak,barren and literally void just like the genre.

The Caretaker is not metaphysically so empty and meaningless though the potential menace lurks behind the seemingly friendly behavior of MICK .The illogical pauses,repetition,lack of plot,lack of proper sequence and total incoherence in communication have place it into the category of absurdity.But the use of these ingredients are not so acute like that of other absurd plays.