The Canterbury Tales

Who would you choose to play the Miller?

• He was strong

• He could win at any wrestling match

• He could break a door off its hinge

• He was a drinker

• He wore a hood of blue and a white coat

• Stout and brawny

• Wart on his nose

• Big mouth

• Red beard

• Nostrils were as black as they were wide

• He had a sword and a buckler at his side

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From this list of choices................ I'd be torn between the strength or the sword and buckler. Probably the weapons would serve me best during this period of time............ then again, I's need to be strong in order to pick them up :-D

I am so sorry.............. you didn't mean what characteristics I would choose, but who I would choose to play this part. I think Hulk Hogan could do the job, but he's maybe a little old for the part........... or maybe Dolph Lundgren could come out of retirement; he made a great He-Man