The Canterbury Tales

What year was "The Canon's Yeoman's Tale" written in?

The context of my question stems from tryin to determine the exact year the word "slut" was used in the following context:

"Why is thy lord so slutish" - is found in The Canon's Yeoman's Tale. From what I understand it was a tale about alchemists. Per Wikipedia - Chaucer may have written about real life subjects given he supervised repairs of the Kings Chapel, Windsor in 1390. A chaplain named William de Brumley confessed to making counterfeit gold coins in 1374, who was taught by William Shurchirch - a canon at the very same Chapel. If Chaucer was inspired by Shurchirch to write the Canon's Yeoman's tales it leads me to believe it was written during or after 1390.

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The only information I find regarding the date this tale was written is that is was sometime between 1387–1400.