The Canterbury Tales

what is Chaucer's definition of the perfect man?

I remember reading a very long definition listing about 20 attributes describing the perfect man in Chaucer's works...not sure if it was Canterbury Tales or Beowolf. It's a 40 year old memory...any ideas? Thanks!

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Hi, well I don't think it is Chaucer Every character in that story is so completely flawed. I think that was Chaucer’s point. The hypocrisy of the church and the rich were put on the spotlight. Although Beowulf was an epic hero I don't recall a list. Beowulf had many heroic qualities ( strong, bold, and wise, but submissive to the authorities in his life) I'm not sure we can extend this to the context of the perfect man, perhaps for the time. Sorry if this was not what you were looking for.