The Canterbury Tales

tell me the important questions of canterbury tales according to punjab university?

important questions

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Sorry, we are not supplied with questions by any university. This is a short answer forum. We help students with literary questions.

(chaucer's representative of his age )this is the most important questions

Discuss Chaucer's use of Irony in The prologue to the Canterbury Tales.

Why is the character of the Pardoner so distasteful for Chaucer?

What kind of picture of the fourteenth century clergy be viewed by the perusal of The prologue to the Canterbury Tales?

Why has Chaucer given the most importance to the character of the Knight in The prologue to the Canterbury Tales?

What are the chief vices of the midieval period as depicted in The prologue to the Canterbury Tales?

1. Why might we consider The Canterbury Tales as a microcosm of the medieval society?

2. Why do you think Chaucer chose a competition as the unifying thread to the stories?

3. Why do you think Chaucer chose pilgrims to tell the stories?

4. Why do you think Chaucer chose a pilgrimage as the stage to the Tales?

5. What is the role of Chaucer, the pilgrim within the group?

6. How does Chaucer use social structure when organizing the Tales?

7. Medieval society had a strict rule of conduct. Which of these rules does Chaucer praise in the Tales?

8. Describe Chaucer's attitude toward the Medieval Church.

9. Describe Chaucer’s understanding of “marriage.”

10.In The Canterbury Tales, the male characters represent the fundamental medieval social estates (nobility, clergy, peasantry, and even the newly founded urban professional class). What “estates” do the female characters represent? Please, give examples.

11.What is Chaucer’s understanding of “predestination?”

12.Why do you think Chaucer uses humor in The Canterbury Tales?

13.Why do you think The Canterbury Tales are so often the center of modern literary criticism?