The Canterbury Tales

Relating the Franklin traits and characteristics (as shown in the prologue) to his tale?

what type of traits shown in the prologue of the Franklin (like hospitable, loves food/win, wealthy, etc) show up in his tale?

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You can see the Franklin’s personality reflected, even foreshadowed, in his prologue. He is described as a happy sort of guy, "Of sanguine temperament by every sign…” He has an earnest hopeful temperament about him which can be seen in his story. , Arveragus and Dorig wanted an equal relationship. This, of course, was unheard of in medieval times. Arveragus actually respected Dorig’s need for equality. We see the Franklin’s sense of optimism through this very happy and progressive couple. We keep waiting for something tragic to happen or for some kind of betrayal, the end of the tale actually ends happily!