The Canterbury Tales

list at least 10 elements of medieval life that are shown in the movie.

10 elements from movie that are shown in the movie

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I saw the cartoon version which, as far as the whole medieval thing went, pretty close Chaucer's story. All the Pilgrims had something to do with standard elements of medieval life. You had the Pardoner (who pardoned people's sins) and a Nun. a knight....

These people were on a standard medieval excursion to the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket .

The Catholic church heavily influenced everybody's life. It was often satirized and put to the test by Chaucer.

A bit of standard medieval anti-Semitism. The Prioress's Tale is an account of Jews murdering a deeply pious and innocent Christian boy.

Perceived nobility and chivalry of the upper class as well as the opposite for the lower classes.

Issues surrounding the Plague / Black Death

Corruption among the church and upper class.

Chaucer also included medieval feasting, wine and of course stories that entertained both the Pilgrims and, evidently, ourselves!